Khao San World

Khao San World Hostel is located in both countries known for both the Kokugikan and the Edo-Tokyo museum, and is conveniently located a 5-minute walk from JR / Oedo Line Bokoku Station. Also it is possible to go to Tokyo Dome, Tokyo Tower, Shinjuku, Akihabara etc. without transfer.

The interior decoration of the hotel is finished in a downtown feeling or Japanese style design, and on the common floor on the higher floor there is a footbath to heal the tiredness of the trip. Please imagine that guests with diverse backgrounds gather in footbath and talk about their travels. Are not you excited somehow? We will deliver you a little different experience than usual.

Please use a private room that can accommodate 3 to 10 people for your trip with your friends and family, and please use daughter only for men and women and women only for business or job hunting. We will respond to a wide range of needs from backpacker customers who have been patronized up to those who will use the hostel for the first time.

Also, in the shared space unique to the hostel, there is a kitchen equipped with cooking utensils and home appliances, you can bring in food and cook yourself. Enjoy a new lodging experience that you can enjoy Japanese culture with foreign travelers!